Yard Miscellaneous Cleanups

How does it work?

  1. Yard Miscellaneous Service:  (usually one time service)

    • Mowing: We’ll give your grass a clean and uniform cut 
    • Weed Trimming:  Cut down and remove weeds
    • Bush Trimming: Trim your bushes, giving them a neat and well-defined shape for a polished look.
    • Rock Bed Maintenance:  Clear weeds and debris from your rock beds, restoring them to their clean and natural state.
    • Debris Removal: We’ll remove any debris, leaves, or unwanted items, leaving your outdoor space pristine.
    • Garden Bed Cleanup: Our team will tackle weed removal in garden beds, ensuring that your plants have the space to thrive without competition from unwanted vegetation.
    • Native Mowing: For yards that have been left unkept, we offer native mowing services to bring order back to the landscape. 


    $65.00 per man hour +  dump fee (For example, $130.00 per hour for a 2 man crew)

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