About us

In 2007  Chad and Tara purchased the K-lawn dealership for the Colorado Springs region.  A Fertilization Turf and Tree care company. They ran it as a sister company until 2013.  Refocused he set all of his attention in the residential Marketplace. His vast and unique understanding of Residential and Landscaping Maintenance, Allowed his capacity for fertilizing, irrigation, turf, shrub, maintenance and landscaping to flourish in the Colorado Springs and surrounding areas. After 27 years he is still excited to be owning and operating and sharing his experience in Colorado Springs.


To create Healthy Green neighborhood environments.


To provide professional personnel and products to homeowners and communities.


So people can fully enjoy the landscape environments they live and work in.


To have an effective and efficient processes, at competitive prices.


We believe in being honest, on time and on task. Be the solution!

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